Stasimuseum Berlin
Haus 1 der Zentrale des MfS

updated on 24.07.2020


From 3 August 2020:
Public guided tours for individual visitors - "Around the Museum"

Learn more about the Stasi on a guided tour of the compound of the former Stasi headquarters around the museum then explore the historical ministerial floor and the exhibition in the Stasi Museum on your own. (Guided tour fee p.p.: 2,00€ plus admission)

Monday, Thursday, Saturday:
German: 11am + 1pm
English: 3pm


The public tour on 17.10. at 3pm will not take place!!


Please register at the ticket counter before the tour begins!

The number of participants per tour is limited to 20 visitors. Prior registration or reservation is not possible!

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Welcome to the Stasi Museum Berlin

The Stasimuseum is located in House 1 on the former grounds of the headquarters of the GDR Ministry for State Security (MfS). The building was erected in 1960-61 as the offices of Erich Mielke, who served as Minister for State Security from 1957 until the end of the GDR.
On 15 January 1990 demonstrators took over the Stasi headquarters. A week later, the Central Round Table, a committee made up of representatives of the SED dictatorship and civil rights groups, decided that a “memorial and research centre on GDR Stalinism” should be established in House 1. When nothing came of this declaration of intent, members of the Berlin citizens’ committee and other civil rights activists took action and began securing the historic site. In August they founded the association “Antistalinistische Aktion e.V.” (ASTAK). On 7 November 1990, it opened the Research Centre and Memorial at Normannenstrasse with an exhibition titled “Against the Sleep of Reason”. House 1, later named the Stasi Museum, has been open to the public ever since.
The offices of Erich Mielke are preserved in their original condition and form the centrepiece of the historic site.

Since 1990, ASTAK has shown different exhibitions, providing information about the State Security and how its activities affected the GDR population. The permanent exhibition “State Security in the SED Dictatorship,” which the association created jointly with the Stasi Records Agency, opened in House 1 in January 2015.

New Permanent Exhibition

In January we opened the new exhibition “State Security in the SED Dictatorship.” It provides information about the development, function and methods of the State Security on three exhibition levels. Numerous objects from our collection, many of which have never been shown before, and several media stations, demonstrate the magnitude of the MfS’ influence.

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We offer tours through our exhibition to groups (ten participants or more) that have booked a reservation in advance. When you book the appointment you can also choose the language of the tour. Guided tours are offered in German, English, French, Italian or Danish.

On request we also offer other programs, such as talks with contemporary witnesses, lectures on selected topics and seminars.

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Directions and Map

It takes 11 minutes to reach the museum from Alexanderplatz using public transportation.

You can reach the museum by car or coach from Frankfurter Allee (B1/B5). Reserved parking spaces are available for coaches.

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